A Level - Foundation Public School


The aim of student advising is to assist students in their growth and development by constructing meaningful plans that are compatible with their academic and professional choices. It is a continuous process which is built upon frequent, personal contacts between advisor and advisee. Student advising is an essential part of the FPS experience, as we firmly believe in guiding, mentoring and counseling students every step of the way during their time here. FPS A Level has two established advising departments: University Advising and Academic Advising.

University Advising

University Counselors at FPS A Level assist students in navigating the university application process and exploring other post-graduation options. Our counselors work closely with students, encouraging them to discover their interests, explore possibilities, and take ownership of their university application process.

Shayne Caldeira

Academic Advising

From orientation to graduation, academic advisors at FPS A Level will guide you every step of the way. Academic Advisors serve as the bridge between the student body, parents, and faculty by assisting students in matters pertaining to subject choices, adding/dropping classes, monitoring attendance, ensuring a timely graduation, and dealing with disciplinary issues.

Humera Hassan

Fizzah Ahsan

University Placement