Foundation Public School A Level welcomes well-rounded students who excel in academics and extra-curricular activities.

We value those students who portray:


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of admissions.

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Students are encouraged to apply online. Once the form is received our admission desk will call you for further details.

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*If you are having difficulty in applying online, kindly download our Manual Form from the admissions section.

The early bird registrations commence in January annually.

Students interested in securing a place at FPS A Level Campus are encouraged to apply online after which they will be called for a panel interview.


The student is called for an interview after the initial short-listing.
It is mandatory that parents must accompany their child for the interview.

FPS offers Financial Aid to students based on merit or athletic abilities.


Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students who have exemplary grades and strong recommendations.

A2 Students:
4As 100%
3As 75%
2As 50%

FPS believes in excellence in the field of sports and offers Sports Scholarships to students with outstanding sporting ability and athletic potential.

Assessment for sports scholarship is subjective and a decision on the amount offered is made on a case by case basis.

A1 Students:
10As 100%
9As 80%
8As 60%
7As 40%
6As 20%
5As 10%
Nida Mohsin:

“Sometimes, you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Foundation Public School A-level has given me memories that I will always cherish. It has been a pleasurable and an unforgettable experience and the title of ‘FPSonian’ is one which I accept with pride. The teaching faculty that I met here taught me amazing things throughout my two years here, which was a journey brimming with fun and learning. But it ended too fast!”

Faran Karim:

“Two years at FPS were absolutely the best two years of my life. FPS made me learn a lot not only in my academics, the school taught me how to interact with people. I learned from others and passed on my lessons to my juniors. However, the best thing about FPS was the staff that never let you feel alienated around them. Instead, they motivated me and never let me feel disappointed in myself! Simply put, if my life was a rollercoaster, FPS proved to be the best part of it.”

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