Foundation Public School

Each student, at the time of admission, is allotted one of the following houses:

House system promotes team building and healthy competition between students.

The Student Council is the representative body of the school. The Council is chosen based on their leadership skills, academic and extra-curricular activities

Foundation Public School A Level offers a variety of extracurricular and academic societies to its students.
Participating in these societies enables students to become great at multi-tasking while focusing on life outside the world of academia.


The public speaking club makes every effort to instill the sense of confidence and leadership amongst students. To achieve this, the club facilitates the participation of its members in various public speaking events and debating competitions hosted by different universities and organizations.


As the name suggests the STEM (Science Engineering Technology and Math) club aims to create a greater interest in the growing field of STEM related matters. While the club consistently participates in many prestigious mathematics and science quizzes across the city, it strives to develop thinking skills among students.


The photography club aims to provide its members an opportunity to carry out their passion for photography and arts.

Members are encouraged to document life at FPS through pictorial representation and also take part in photography competitions.


The ability to amuse an audience as well as the skill of indulging in leisure are both fundamental driving forces behind the creativity club. This club organizes projects where students can showcase their talents in various fields such as dancing, culinary arts and movie making.


The literary club is responsible for composing newsletters as well as the much anticipated annual yearbook.
The club strives to hone the skills of its members through practical experience of journalism and through essay writing competitions.

Sports is an integral part of Foundation Public School. The sports club organizes and executes all sporting related matters for the student body. Inter-house and inter-school tournaments are held annually so that students can team together and have healthy competition amongst each other.

FPS A Level prides itself on its rich heritage of constant and dedicated participation in community and social service activities. The community service society tasks itself with developing empathy and a sense of responsibility amongst the entire collective student body of the institution. It is mandatory for every student to complete minimum of 30 hours of community service during the A Level Programme.


The selection process of Student Leadership Council (SLC) at FPS is a very detailed and critical process. The success of any academic year relies heavily on the enthusiasm and leadership abilities of the SLC members. The students wishing to opt for a position in the SLC have to go through 5 rounds which assess their leadership skills and capabilities. The SLC is announced on the 14th of August every year.


The Farewell party is a much anticipated event at the FPS A Level. The A1 students are as excited to organize it as the A2 students are to attend it. Last year, the farewell was held at the Pearl Continental Hotel. The theme for this party was masquerade. A short mimicry of the SLC members, announcement of titles, and distribution of souvenirs were the highlights of the Farewell party 2015.


The first version of ignite sparked up when the SLC members of the batch of 2015 promised themselves and the school to come up with something different and establish a legacy which will carry on for a very long time. Hence FPS ignite came into being. Ignite is an entrepreneurship conference in which delegates are tested through 5 different levels designed somewhat similar to the real life corporate experiences. In the first version of ignite, the delegations were given one brand each and they were expected to solve a case studies, shoot TV commercials, produce SWOT analysis and set up a company booth and act like company’s representatives. It was a hugely successful event and everyone ended up learning something new and creating new memories.


The beach party has been a highlight of the winter break every year. The students look forward to the exciting and fun-filled activities at the beach with their friends.

  • Welcome back to A2 student
  • CIE result day
  • Independence day celebrations & announcement of Student Leadership Council
  • Pride & Orientation day for A1s and gowning ceremony for Student Leadership Council
  • Commencement of A1 classes
  • GOAL outreach
  • Welcome Party for A1s
  • Ignite Outreach
  • Pride day
  • Test week
  • FPS Birthday
  • FPS Sports Festival
  • Ignite
  • Mid-term Examinations
  • Early admissions begin
  • Beach Party
  • Winter Break
  • PTM & Result day
  • School re-opens for students
  • International Study and re-creational tour
  • Test Week
  • Farewell
  • Mock Examinations
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Last day of school for students
  • CIE Examinations
  • Iftar for Rozedar
* FPS Cares projects throughout the year
Designed by Kiran Ahmad