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Why choose FPS A Level

Excellent academic track record with over 2500+ alumni

Distinguished faculty

University & Career Counselling

Digital Classrooms

18 subjects

Academic Assistance Program

SAT, MCAT, ECAT, & IBA-Prep Classes

7 societies

Merit scholarships and financial aid

No admission fees *For existing FPS O Level students

Unique breadth curriculum

Summer Internships

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We want to make applying to FPS A Level as simple and efficient as possible for you. With this in mind, we have created The Smart Application which takes less than 5 minutes to apply. Please read the application and interview guide below before applying.

Apply Online

Application Guide

  • Complete your application in one sitting. The entire application will take less than 5 minutes. The application must be completed online.
  • Be accurate and authentic in your application. Students found to have falsified application information will be subject to penalties up to and including denial of admission, withdrawal of an admission offer, registration cancellation, and expulsion.
  • Apply as early as possible since interviews and admissions are offered on a rolling basis. Applying early can significantly increase your chances of receiving admission and merit scholarships.
  • If you have any questions about your application, please contact us at: admissions@fps.edu.pk

Interview Guide

  • Once you have submitted your application, and completed the admissions challenge, your application will be reviewed by the admissions committee. If the committee deems you to be a good fit, you will be invited for an interview at the FPS A Level campus.
  • If shortlisted for an interview, you must be accompanied by at least one parent, and must bring the following documents:
    1. CIE Result
    2. 9th, 10th and 11th (if available) grade transcripts
    3. Parents National Identity Card (NIC)
    4. Although it is not mandatory, please feel free to bring any letters of recommendation and references.
  • Come prepared to your interview by learning more not only about FPS A Level, but also be prepared to speak about yourself.
  • Students who most closely align with our core values, and can make a positive contribution to our diverse community will have a higher chance of success.
  • After your interview, the admissions committee will reconvene to discuss your application, and will notify you of a decision within one week.

Financial Aid

FPS offers Financial Aid to students based on merit or athletic abilities.

Merit Scholarship

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students who have exemplary grades and strong recommendations.

A2 Students







Sports Scholarship

FPS believes in excellence in the field of sports and offers Sports Scholarships to students with outstanding sporting ability and athletic potential.

Assessment for sports scholarship is subjective and a decision on the amount offered is made on a case by case basis.