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We, at FPS started the TAP (Teacher Assistant Program) to help students with their extra study and assignments. Students are hired as Teacher Assistants and are supervised and coached by their respective subject heads. The TA conducts classes for students who require extra help with subjects.

The TA Program has really helped the students to bridge their study gaps and improve their grades. Additionally, this supplementary study plan has been able to bring up answers to those questions out of the study curriculum which would have remained unanswered otherwise.

Career advising (or counseling) plays an integral part in assisting a student in choosing the right courses at university level. With the economic challenges that are ever changing in this fast paced world, students have to be equipped with the right skills for the future.

Towards this end, the career advising team is responsible for arranging various events and provides services in terms of university placements. This is a three pronged approach, by firstly helping the students to discover their career interests and strengths: secondly preparing students and finally connecting them to their university of their choice.

The career development journey has been implemented from grade IX in both Foundation Public School and Head Start School System. Parents and Students are kept abreast with the local and international stream in terms of university placements and financial planning.

FPS believes in providing opportunities for students to give back to the school. Each year during the summer break (June & July), the internship programme for A Level graduates is held.

The Summer Internship Programme at the Head Office is a six-week paid internship for young inspiring leaders to experience a hands-on corporate experience through innovative projects and assignments.

“The internship was so different from the type of jobs interns do at other firms and the experience was beyond our expectations. We got a chance to be innovative rather than doing the typical desk work and that was the best part since people of our age have so many new ideas that need to be executed and FPS gave us an opportunity to do exactly that.”

- Sundus Altaf

“Internship 2015 was a very different and exciting experience for me. The fascinating part was that I got to work closely with the management of my own school so I started understanding how things are managed at a higher level. Besides this, I witnessed the professionalism with which my school operates. And after a few days I noticed that I had started adopting some of these habits; meeting deadlines, formal submission of reports, rehearsing before meetings, controlling behaviour. This was a lifetime learning experience which is rarely provided to students at this level. Thank you FPS!”

- Ali Akbar
Designed by Kiran Ahmad