Foundation Public School

Foundation Public School is a private O and A Level institution established in 1981 with the prime objective of providing quality education.
The FPS A Level Programme, initiated in 1998, affiliated with the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) strives to provide a nurturing environment to enable students to excel in both academics and extracurricular activities.


The motto of the school “Knowledge Is Power” is portrayed in the insignia encompassed on a shield is the “Eagle” or "Shaheen”. Chosen by the Management as it inspires and symbolizes intelligence, it also signifies a flight towards freedom and knowledge.

The waves on the eagle’s body represents the five rivers of Pakistan. A reminder that, education should be spread all over the country.

The eagle is perched on three pillars which denote “Faith, Unity and Discipline” the famous words of Mohammad Ali Jinnah – Father of our Nation. Within the pillars are the letters FPS, abbreviation for Foundation Public School.

We at Foundation Public School believe in the individuals’ freedom of thought and spirit, scientific inquiry and critical thinking. We aim at providing opportunities for our students to flourish and learn in a conducive environment. We hope to prepare students to grow and develop into mature human beings capable of making decisions realistically with compassion.


Whatever we do, wherever we are, we are innovative, enthusiastic, compassionate and always positive!

We pledge to serve Pakistan and nurture good human beings.

  • -An Atitude of Gratitude
  • -Positive Ripple Effect
  • -Plan and Think Ahead
  • -Respect, Give it & Get it
  • -Give & Receive Joy
  • -FPS Leads

The close alliance, the enchanting bond and the strong comradery that exists between every FPSonian is the essence of the magic of FPS. At FPS we cherish and nurture the uniqueness of each member of our family yet evoke in them the value and spirit of teamwork. We encourage every individual to aim for the top and believe that together they could achieve the impossible with honesty, integrity and determination. Just the same, we also help them maintain a sense of wonder, mystique and charisma about the world around them which keeps them both grounded and spellbound. That is the magic of FPS!

Left to Right: Mrs.Yasmeen Minhas (Founder Principal), Mr.Raza K. Minhas (Managing Director) and Mrs.Sabiha Mohammad (Founder Principal)

Message from the Managing Director

Now entering its 35th year, Foundation Public School has had the privilege of taking into its care thousands of bright individuals and helping them develop into inspiring young leaders. The impressive number of people who have entrusted us with this responsibility is heart-warming and an accreditation of our mission.
Our mission, Forever Perform to Succeed, is beyond teaching. We aim to ensure that our students are not only ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow, but also do so as leaders and example-setters.
FPS A Level takes pride in having highly qualified and experienced faculty stand as mentors and facilitators for students, and who enable student learning through outstanding instruction and inspirational engagement in the classroom.
As an A Level school, we are constantly in the process of rethinking and reimagining our methods and practices. In addition to academics, students are given numerous opportunities to explore their talents and sharpen their leadership skills through participation in extra-curricular activities, participation in sports and involvement in community service programs as well as public-speaking forums.
Our centrally located school campus, situated just off Shahrah-e-Faisal, offers students modern and convenient facilities, and a comfortable, inclusive environment conducive to learning and growth. I welcome you all to FPS A Level and wish you the very best for your next two years here.

Raza K. Minhas

Managing Director

Message from the Principal A Level

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of Foundation Public School A Level Campus. FPS A Level is a student centered educational institution dedicated exclusively to preparing students for A level exams and helping them meet the requirements of admissions to institutions of higher learning both locally and internationally. Our aim is to help students develop an attitude of gratitude while striving to contribute to the betterment both the immediate environment as well as society at large.
FPS A Level is committed to carrying forward the work of building pupils’ intelligence and character which is shaped by the FPS schooling system at its junior branches. FPS A Level has been committed to providing quality education while upholding our core values and instilling in our students a sense of pride as well as purpose, the hallmarks of an attitude of positivity.
We strive to create a caring environment for our students by laying emphasis on the values of compassion, respect and equality. Our students regularly take part in community work despite their grueling study schedules. We have a rich sports program which allows our young adults the opportunity to engage with each other through healthy competition. Through school clubs activities students can show case their creative talents and hone in their communication and performance skills.
We at FPS believe that students must learn to manage their time responsibly and strike a balance between academic and extra-curricular activities. The school does not compromise on discipline. Student attendance is closely monitored throughout the year. The presence of a biometric system streamlines student attendance management. Technology is harnessed in other ways too. Our classrooms are equipped with multimedia systems and are completely air conditioned.
Our stellar faculty is drawn from among the most experienced and qualified cadres of teachers in the city. We aim create the right conditions conducive to academic learning and holistic development of the student body.
Please utilize this website to learn more about our school. A virtual tour is no substitute to visiting the premises though, and discovering firsthand the facilities available. I encourage you to visit our school at any time at your convenience. I look forward to receiving you and answering any queries you may have.

Saima Raza


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